Neha BAHTIA (University of Calgary, Canada) will present on “The Curious Case of Creative Producers: Indian-European Co-production Model.”

Based on production stories collected through semi-structured interviews, popular press, producing workshops, and industry events, this research analyzes data and information through the notion of ‘thick description’ that entails interpreting the interpretation provided by the informants. This emphasizes a deeper ‘microscopic’ understanding of the context and codes of culture by ‘reading over the shoulder’ of the informant (Geertz, 1973, p. 453). This means interpreting how producers make sense of their own work. This kind of interpretive approach contextualizes production stories within the larger global film industry structure and culture, which producers of transnational co-productions navigate on a day-to-day basis.

The session will be held in English and chaired by Joël Augros (University Bordeaux Montaigne).