CinEcoSA panels in conferences / Ateliers CinEcoSA lors de congrès


NECS 2016, 28-30 July 2016, University of Potsdam

"Coproduction Policies : Connecting, Misconnecting, Disconnecting", chaired by Peter Mitric (University of Copenhaguen) and Julia Hammett-Jamart (independent researcher), co-organised by N. Mingant.



SCMS 2016, 30 March-3 April 2016, Atlanta

Screen Policies: Defining and Defending National Interest

Chair: Nolwenn Mingant (Université de Nantes)

Mike Van Esler (University of Kansas), "“Sophisticated Cyber Terrorists”: The Film Industry, Rhetoric, and National Security"

Jeffrey Brassard (University of Alberta), "Putin’s Lumbering Giant: State Television and Ontological Security in the Putin Era"

Natalie Kowalik (University of Antwerp), "New Perspectives on South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Film Policy"

Alfio Leotta (Victoria University of Wellington), "Screen Policies and Emerging Film Industries in the Middle East: The Case of the United Arab Emirates"


Screen Policies : Confronting and Responding to International Challenges and Developments

Chair: Julia Hammett-Jamart (University of Wollongong)

Julia Hammett-Jamart (University of Wollongong), "Pivots in Policy: comparisons and contrasts between New Zealand and Australian screen policy"

Petar Mitric (University of Copenhagen), "European Screen Policies in Times of Crisis: The Case Study of Serbia"

Marco Cucco (Universita della Svizzera italiana), "The Shapes of State-Funded Cinema: Researching Italian Film Policy"

Noah Zweig, "The Screen Policies of Ecuador´s Early-Twenty-First Century Film Scene: Towards a “Plurinational” Industry?"