Call for papers (now closed)

Film Policies , Turning Points in Film History

CinEcoSA Panel for the 2013 NECS International Conference

20-22 June 2013, Saint Charles University, Prague


For the 2013 NECS conference, CinEcoSA wishes to propose a panel on public policies, with a focus on temporalities and breaking points.
Film policies are usually presented as fixed systems and are often studied synchronically. At best, they are presented as the results, at a given moment, of negotiations and compromises between the different players of the film and television industries. But the latter are informed by a multitude of influences, each with a specific temporality, such as technological evolutions, economic cycles, aesthetic movements, evolving fashions and popularities or changing political contexts. At specific times, these temporalities seem to converge or diverge to mark a breaking point in the industry’s history.
The introduction of selective aid in France in 1959, the creation of the Filmförderungsanstalt in Germany in 1968, or the demise of the UK Film Council in 2010, are such breaking points. The aim of this panel is to consider the appearance –or disappearance– of public policies not only as changes in the public policy system, but as clear breaks in the film and television industry paradigm.
Please send your proposals (title + abstract of 150-300 words), along with a brief biography (5-10 lines), by 15 January 2013, to Cecilia Tirtaine (ctirtaine AT and Nolwenn Mingant (nolwenn.mingant AT